June 16

HEPA Filtration Experts in Addison IL Explain - How to Control Airborne Contaminants in Beverage Production Storage Facilities

Learn how to maintain air quality in storage areas of beverage production facilities.

Maintaining clean storage facilities is essential to ensuring the quality of finished beverage products. In a published resource, HEPA Filtration Experts in Addison IL from Camfil USA air filtration discussed how finished products in air-conditioned beverage production storage facilities can still be contaminated with bacteria.

They wrote, "Often, finished beverage products are stored in air-conditioned areas to preserve their quality. Even the most efficient air conditioning systems can discharge bacteria into the environment."

They highlighted the need for adequate air filtration for air conditioning systems.

They explained, "Air conditioning systems with inadequate filtration can circulate up to 15 million bacteria each hour, compromising product quality. Using air filtration systems in these facilities can prevent contaminants from settling on goods or being inhaled by workers, thus safeguarding both from harmful effects."

According to HEPA Filtration Experts in Addison IL, investing in highly efficient air filtration solutions for storage areas in beverage production facilities can help protect finished beverage products from contamination and maintain a cleaner and safer environment.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality air filters, the Camfil USA Addison branch partners with local beverage makers and property managers to design, install, and maintain air filtration and ventilation systems customized for the industry's specific needs. For in-person assistance, contact their air filtration experts through this contact form.

Source: Air Filtration Boosts Productivity and Employee Health in Beverage Operations

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