June 12, 2023

Camfil Addison IL Air Filters Shares Recently Released Corporate Sustainability Report 2022

Camfil Addison stayed devoted to its mission of clean air as a human right.

Camfil's 2022 Sustainability Report illustrates the company's continued commitment to improving indoor air quality. The company continues to pave the road for a healthier and more sustainable future by campaigning for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) accountability, inventing ecologically responsible products, and promoting its vision for clean air.

The year 2022 posed a unique combination of challenges for humanity, with the post-COVID-19 pandemic's lasting impact on all facets of life. Despite economic, political, and environmental uncertainty, Camfil Addison stayed devoted to its mission of clean air as a human right. In keeping with this mission, the newly released Sustainability Report for 2022 emphasizes Camfil’s ongoing journey to improve the sustainability of indoor air quality (IAQ).

Camfil’s Sustainability Report covers numerous major measures undertaken in 2022. The Chief Airgonomics Officer Initiative, an advocacy initiative focused on boosting indoor air quality accountability in organizations worldwide, is one significant endeavor. Companies can emphasize and champion clean air in the workplace by selecting a Chief Airgonomics Officer.

Camfil Addison Air Filters remains committed to its vision of maintaining clean and sustainable indoor air quality as the vanguard of sustainability grows. While continuing to innovate, it stays focused on its environmental, social, and economic sustainability concerns. The Sustainability Report acts as a link between Camfil Addison's historical achievements and its future sustainability path.

Source: Camfil Sustainability Report 2022 Release: Making indoor air quality more sustainable

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